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Editor level required: Beginner

This is the page to go when you need a bit of help to edit or create pages in the wiki. Know that this entire guide was made by wiki editors - from the editors, for the editors

Also be sure to read the New Editor Guide


The Interface

When editing, at the very top of the screen under the tabs, you will see the page title. This title automatically generates itself in the largest print, so you don't have to make the title! Under that you will see some text and then a set of 11 buttons that looks like this:

Button icon list.jpg

Function Name Description Syntax Example
Bold Makes text darker and thicker '''Insert Text Here''' Insert Text Here
Italics Slants Text for greater emphasis ''Insert Text Here'' Insert Text Here
Internal Link Links to a page within the wiki [[Insert Text Here]] Overview
External Links Links to any URL [ Insert Text Here] Insert Text Here
Level 2 Header Makes text a heading just under level 1 ==Insert Text Here== == Insert Text Here ==
Embedded File Embeds a file into the page [[File:Filename.jpg]] Gunnner.png
Non-embedded file Links to a file without embedding it [[Media:Example.ogg]] or [[:File:Example.jpg]] Media:Gunnner.png or File:Gunner.png
LaTex Allows use LaTex formatting for mathematical equations <math>Insert Text Here</math> <math>(1+3000)!/2</math>
Ignore wiki formatting Ignores all the functions listed on this page <nowiki>Insert Text Here</nowiki> [[See? No Internal Link!]]
Signature Adds a combination of either your signature, timestamp, or both ~~~~ or ~~~ or ~~~~~ Riderx Talk~Contibs~My Guide Officer 21:00, 26 March 2011 (UTC) or Riderx Talk~Contibs~My Guide Officer or 21:00, 26 March 2011 (UTC)
Line Adds a line (use sparingly!) ---- None Possible in Here


By default, internal links are stationed for pages within the wiki. These are the things you can do to links:

Name Description Syntax Example Syntax Example
Re-Naming Allows a link to show up as something else other than its name [[Page Name|Desired Name]] [[Noob in MNB2|The Fool's guide to Mud and Blood 2]] The Fool's guide to Mud and Blood 2
Coloring Allows a link to show up as a different color than the preset, red, blue, and purple. Underline these to show it is a link if it is the same color as the surrounding text [[Page Name|<span style="color:Color Name">Desired Name</span>]] [[Main Page|<span style="color:Green">Main Page</span>]] Main Page
Remove Type Removes the type of special page a link is made to, leaving it as an internal link like normal [[:Page Type:Page Name]] [[:Category:Units]] Category:Units
Image Re-Naming Allows an image's name when moused over to be different than the image's normal name [[image:Image Name.png|An image]] [[image:Gunnner.png|A scary MG-42 Gunner]] A scary MG-42 Gunner!
Image Linking Allows an image to link to a page within the Mud and Blood official Wiki [[image:Image Name.png|link=Page Name]] [[image:Gunnner.png|link=MG-42 Gunner]] Gunnner.png

Other Editing Features

Level Three Headings

Sub-subheadings, or level three headings look like giant bold letters. They are below level two headings and signify individual things under a topic. They look

like this

and don't have that underline beneath them. These are used extensively in the Overview page, check them out!

The syntax is this:

=== Example Heading ===

Category Pages:

Some Pages are categories, like infantry, or Axis Weapons. You might need to add a category to a page, and you do it like so:


But, because this is the actual name of the page, a page like "structures", which you'll find on the main page, is really "Category:Structures". Sometimes, you don't want this to happen (e.g. when you link or redirect to that page), so you put a colon inside the link, but before the text, like this:


"Bottom" Features

By default, at the bottom there will be a set that looks like this:


It has some features that are often overlooked but at times important:

Function Name Position Description
Wiki disclaimer The first line of text It is a general disclaimer that explains how any wiki works, editors change it.
Copyright Notice Second line of text Explains copyright issues. Don't steal work!
Summary Box Third line The summary line, where you type in a brief description of your change. USE IT!!!
The Checkboxes Below the summary line The first one is for when you make a small edit, so people can filter through big and small edits; The second one is a button to watch the page, which lets you see changes for that specific page on this link, or at the top of the screen
Action Buttons Below the checkboxes First button is obvious and is used to save your changes. Second button is the preview button, it lets you see your changes without saving. Third button is a thing that, in addition to the preview, shows where you changed stuff.
Links Next to Checkboxes The first link is to cancel your edit, if you mess up. The one next to it opens this page, the editing help page.


Click here to see the templates. They each have their own design, this is an example template:

Std unit axis wespe idle.gif
Example template, not real

Although templates vary tremendously in content, here is an example of the template used to make Allied Units

{{ AlliedUnit (or any other template name)
| name   = Allied Unit example
| image  = [[Image:Std_unit_allied_french_idle.gif‎]]
| hotkey = 9-9
| cost   = 40 
| equip  = 20 mm flak cannon, smoke grenades (just kidding!)
| health = 1,000,000 (just kidding)
| rifle  = 999
| exp    = -100
| morale = 1
| speed  = 50 px/s
| specs  = causing trouble
| desc   = a powerful, lightning fast unit with tiny exp and morale, hmmmmm...

And below it, the template comes to life!

Allied Unit
Allied Unit example
Std unit allied french idle.gif
No specialty icon
Starting equipment:
20 mm flak cannon, smoke grenades (just kidding!)
Average stats:
Health Rifle Exp Morale Speed
1,000,000 (just kidding) 999 -100 1 50 px/s
causing trouble
a powerful, lightning fast unit with tiny exp and morale, hmmmmm...

If there are any words to describe what you have just seen, they are : Frenchies Are Awesome! At least this one is. He pwns with smoke grenades and a 20 mm flak cannon, 1,000,000 health, and 999 rifle.

When Should I Edit a Page, and How?

You should edit a page whenever you think it is lacking necessary information, containing unnecessary information, when you find a typo or poorly phrased sentence, or when you want to beautify the formats. Make sure that when you edit, your edits have as many facts as possible and that you don't remove any crucial facts. Always use a Neutral Point Of View (NPOV). If you must put an opinion, make sure to have all the sides of the story and explain the facts. Just exercise common sense, and don't be redundant.

TripleU said:
As a general rule, you should be bold in your edits- You can't break anything that can't be fixed.

It is common for most pages to have templates on them, encasing images showing what the page is. You can use the Template:Generic for the most basic purposes of adding pics, whereas more complex templates exist for more specialized things. You can add templates to pages if you want to. Just make sure the pic your using is correct. If you want to you can be a "patrol" on the pages (read below). A final note is that when you are done editing, you should usually add some text in the "summary" line at the bottom of the page. This explains your edit so people can see what you changed at a glance.

Making New Pages

"There's no page for this, but I don't know how to make one!"

This wiki will never be complete. Making new pages is something you might have to do. To make a new page, first make sure that the page is new, and that there are not similar pages with the same info. An excellent way to do this is to search for the page and hit the "Go" button. If a similar page does not exist, click on the red "Create this page" link at the top of the search page. Then, use the same rules as editing to make the new page. As of now, only Staff members can make pages due to extensive vandalism, PM one to request a page to be created.

See: Help:Page Types for info on different page types

FAQ Editing Questions

We now have an FAQ page for use up and running

Being a Patrol

This is okay for any member to be, and it'll be posted here as to minimize confusion on rules. Patrols need to have a common understanding of every editing rule, spoken and tacit. Follow the below rules to help make this wiki a good, clutter-free and helpful place to learn.

  • Remove signatures from non-talk pages, they are annoying and get in the way. Use the following as your summary:
Removed signature from page; off of talk pages, it is rare that you should sign; See Help:Editing for more info
  • Add the Template:Unsigned to talk pages when people forget to sign
  • If you see vandalism, alert the proper authorities
  • Fix spelling and grammar issues (nudge people on their talk page if they keep making one error, like spelling soldier solider)
  • Delete stupid or outdated comments on talk pages, that helps keep clutter down
  • When people break the rules of specific pages (i.e. Noob in MNB), make sure to remove the offense, then place your summary as so:
changed "insert offense here" to "insert correction here"; "explain offense here"

Do not personally attack the person if it happens just once, be anonymous an example would be this:

changed "place of scenario after final" to "before final and changed final's no."; The final no. should be respected as final, nothing goes after it
  • If you have a "repeat offender"(they do it after being told not to), place a comment on their talk page to make sure they hear you
  • If they continue it, then place specific reminders to that person on the page
  • If they continue it more, but it's not vandalism, get an officer to talk to them about it
  • If they continue it more, and it is vandalism, alert the authorities and treat it like vandalism, ask for a ban
  • Always be polite to newbies, they might not understand the rules as well as a senior editor; however, they can add valuable input.

Page Summary!

When you make an edit right above the create page/preview page is a little text bar, in that bar you should type WHAT YOU EDITED!!!!! This lets the Mods and Officers know what you did. The picture below is the summary box, and surrounding area. Type a page summary, please, or it will become a minor offense, which may cause loss of rights if accumulated. Also, it is a way for us to spot vandals.


Hints and Tips

  1. If you need help, ask a mod or admin for it. They can upload pics, protect pages, block users from editing, and ban users. List of mods and admins:
  1. Don't make unnecessary pages, they are complex to navigate. Only make pages if you think they are needed.
  2. Only use facts, don't put things you've heard or whatnot unless you can confirm it. If you don't have the facts, state it as so, make sure people know it's only talked about, not confirmed.

Tips for basic editors with nothing to do:

  1. Look in the 'Special pages' section at the 'Double Redirects' and correct them.
  2. Check the 'Wanted Pages' section in the same place. These are generally just redirects that need doing.
  3. Check the Maintenance Portal for other things to do.
  4. Click the Random page as often as you like! 9 times out of 10, something will be wrong with the page that needs rectifying a.s.a.p.


See: rules

When you think you're ready, see Advanced Editing to learn some EPIC editing functions .

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